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ET27 Hope Christian tract in today’s language. An excellent testimony for young people and college students. These Gospel tracts deliver the Good News of Jesus Christ in their own language. All have the plan of salvation in full color. 250 Christian pamphlets per package
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Hope There is much more to this life than we can see with our eyes or comprehend with our minds. A wonderful and completely different reality awaits all who will only take the time to search for it. We discover that miraculous realm when we believe in Jesus Christ. There, we find hope, peace, love, and eternal life. The being that we know as Jesus Christ came here from another reality, wonderful beyond our imagination. He set aside his Godly nature and entered this world by being born of a woman, Mary. As a man, Jesus encouraged people to look beyond this physical world and into a much higher reality. He called it the Kingdom of God. For three years, he revealed that realm in miraculous power. Jesus was falsely accused by the religious leaders and arrested. Although innocent, he did not resist. He could have called the angels to save him, but he surrendered himself to die as the sacrifice to pay for our selfish deeds. Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross and hung there until he died. He was buried in a tomb but returned from the dead three days later. All who believe this may use his sacrifice as payment for their selfish past. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (Jesus, John 3:16) Our decision to believe the truth about Jesus Christ connects us to him spiritually and animates us with his life-energy. If you would like to receive this spiritual/eternal life, simply decide to believe in Jesus Christ (who he is and what he did) and speak it: “I believe.” We pray: Eternal God. Please forgive my selfish and unloving past. I place my trust in your son, Jesus Christ. Redeem me now with your life and love. The Jesus experience gives us eternal life, a child-like innocence, hope, and faith/the ability to believe. It awakens our spiritual nature and allows us to see and enter God’s miraculous kingdom.