God in the Absence of Religion
God in the Absence of Religion

God in the Absence of Religion


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GOD IN THE ABSENCE OF RELIGION BY BOBBY W AUSTIN "God" for the rest of us! "God in the Absence of Religion" explains how to know and enjoy God without the condemnation found in organized religion. Statistics tell us that eighty percent of Christians do not attend church and with good reason. The practice of religious law instead of faith, has taken away the miraculous nature that should characterize the church, replacing it with endless duties and rituals. Religion teaches its members how to speak and act, which is no better than the behavior modification used to train dogs and cats. It limits God, and establishes conditions which must be met in order to supposedly know and enjoy him. To attend a church which demands that members practice religious law is a dangerous waste of time. The instant that religious law is introduced into a belief system, faith is compromised. And without the ability to believe, no one can live in the realm of the miraculous. We surrender to the bondage of religious law each time that we accept the false belief that we must do everything that we should before we can be blessed by God. The Bible clearly tells us that God wants to freely give us all things. And if those blessings are free, why do men teach that we must pay ten per-cent of our incomes to the church in order to be blessed? True faith can be-lieve and receive even when it has done no good work to deserve it. Truly, God wants to give us his kingdom, not sell it to us. In the book God in the Absence of Religion, the author explains ex-actly how to enter and live in the realm of the miraculous. The journey con-sists of a series of experiences with God. It explains that when we separate God from religion, we find that he is amazing, full of mercy and love for us. He wants to bless all his children greatly. Truly, God is most easily found and most freely enjoyed in the absence of religion. 190 pages