The Miraculous Kingdom
The Miraculous Kingdom

The Miraculous Kingdom


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The Miraculous Nature of the Christian Faith Guide and pathway to live in a miraculous state of being.
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There is much more to this life than we can see with our eyes or comprehend with our minds. A wonderful and completely different reality awaits all who will just take the time to search for it. That miraculous realm is easy to grasp if we awaken our spiritual nature and believe our way into it. It is impossible to enter by any other way. The merging of the human spirit with the psyche, caused by faith, moves the believer into a miraculous state of being. In that state, we are radiant with eternal life and creative power. All things become possible. We can then harvest the wind of the Spirit—the gifts and energies that flow out from God. Those who obtain that wondrous state find it is easy to overcome the adverse circumstances in this world and soar up into the highest realms of God’s miraculous kingdom.