"You are Invited!" Door Hangers GV27
"You are Invited!" Door Hangers GV27

"You are Invited!" Door Hangers GV27

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Idioma: Inglés

(50 Cant.)

50 CHURCH OUTREACH DOOR HANGERS - YOU ARE INVITED ES27 Let your neighbors know that your congregation is concerned about them and is willing to help in the time of need. Even the most timid member can be a part of this outreach. In time, they will respond, because sooner or later, everyone needs God. The result will be a greater ministry and service by your congregation to your neighborhood. Note: Each church will need to stamp its own address on the return postcard using a rubber stamp.


You are invited to meet with us in the peace, hope, and love that can be found in God. The address is stamped below. Please call for more information. Also, we would like to pray for you. Simply fill out the card, separate it along the perforated line, and bring it with you when you visit us. If you cannot come, mail the card, and we will pray for you and your family. There is no obligation whatsoever. The blessings of God and our prayers are free.