"We Want to Pray." Church Outreach door hangers
"We Want to Pray." Church Outreach door hangers

"We Want to Pray." Church Outreach door hangers

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(50 Cant.)

Evangelistic Door Hangers with detachable postcard Let your neighbors know that your congregation is concerned about them and is willing to help in the time of need. Simply leave a door hanger on their gate or door. Each one has a short message of hope, your church stamp and an invitation to submit a prayer request via the attached postcard (where you stamp your address). Even the most timid member can be a part of this outreach. In time, they will respond, because sooner or later, everyone needs God. The result will be a greater ministry and service by your congregation to your neighborhood. Note: Each church will need to stamp its own address on the return postcard using a rubber stamp. Actual size 4 x 10 inches Pack of 50 -


We would like to pray for you and your family. We meet regularly to pray and we would like to include you in our prayers. If you have any prayer needs, please let us know by mailing the attached postcard. There is no obligation whatsoever. The blessings of God and our prayers are free. Prayer Request Return Poastcard Name Address City & State Zip code Phone # Please pray because: I need a miracle. I need a good job. I am sick and need healing. I need spiritual help. Pray for my family. I would like someone to visit me. Other