"No Fishing!" Children Gospel Tracts
"No Fishing!" Children Gospel Tracts

"No Fishing!" Children Gospel Tracts

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(100 Cant.)

"No Fishing!" Children Gospel Tracts 100 per package. The Boy who fell off a Cliff.


There was once a boy who loved to go fishing more than anything in the world. He lived next to a thick forest which had many lakes and streams, but he could not fish there. It was too dangerous. One day he went fishing next to the forest. He fished all day but did not catch anything. He thought, “I bet that the fish are biting over there. It will not hurt to fish at the edge of the forest. Besides, I can catch some fish for supper.” He soon found a great place to fish, but it was well inside the forest. There were so many fish! And they were so easy to catch that he did not notice the sun going down. Soon it was dark and the boy was alone in the forest! He tried to find his way home, but got lost. He could not see anything. He tried to hear his mother calling but only heard the sounds of the wild animals. How he wished that he had obeyed his mother. Finally, the boy thought about God. His mother told him many times that God loves us even when we make mistakes. And that He will always help those who ask. He prayed: “God! Help me to get home right now!” Suddenly, a twig broke behind him. He dropped everything and ran. He slid down a hill and fell over a cliff! On the way down, he hit a small tree and caught hold of it. It saved him. The boy could not see what was below him or how far it was to the bottom. He could only imagine a pit of snakes. He screamed for help with all his might, but the howling wind did not let anyone hear. When he started to pray again, the branch cracked and bent downward. The boy thought, “I knew it! God is going to punish me for not obeying my mother.” He prayed, “God please help me to get home right now.” Crack! The branch broke and the boy fell into the darkness below. But he was not hurt! After falling only a few feet, his feet landed on solid ground. He felt of the ground. It was the pathway going out of the forest! Soon, he could see the lights of his house and hear his mother calling. He ran to her and said, “Mama, it’s true! God loves us and cares for us even when we do wrong. I went into the forest and got lost, but when I prayed, God helped me. I will never go into the forest again.” His mother laughed and hugged him. She said, “I think you have learned a good lesson. Come inside. I know you are hungry and supper is ready.” It’s true! God loves us and cares for us, even when we don’t obey and get into trouble. All of us have done selfish and bad things. These are called sins. The punishment for sin is to die and be separated from God forever.